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Renting conditions & House rules

Athome S.L. as owner of web page athome-barcelona.com keeps the admissión rights for the reservation of its apartments to individuals aged 18 and over or legal entities. Those wishing to rent an apartment from Athome S.L. – from here on called client – agree to accept the following general conditions. 1. Reservation Once the customer has chosen the apartment and the period of stay, the reservation can be made in two ways: a) online: fill in the form with the corresponding data (dates, people, etc.) in the web site and send it to athome-barcelona. An amount of 25% pre-payment is necessary in order to confirm the reservation.. Payment through credit card validates the reservation at the moment of receiving the due amount. Athome-barcelona.com will confirm the reservation within 24 hours (exception weekends and local public holidays). Arrivals within 48 hours of the booking need to be confirmed prior by email or phone in order to secure availability. In the case of transferring the due amount through the bank it is necessary to receive the receipt from the bank by fax. b) By e-mail or fax: the client sends the reservation request showing the apartment name, period of stay and numenr of persons to reservation@athome-barcelona.com or to the fax (0034 935 555 031). Athome S.L. will answer within 24 hours A pre-payment of 25% of the total due amount is necessary in order to validate the reservation

2.Payment In order to validate the reservation it is necessary to pay a % of the total amount as a down payment. a)Payment by credit card: following credit cards are accepted: VISA, Master/Eurocard, AMEX, ). b)Payment through bank transfer: it is necessary to send the bank receipt by fax. The expenses generated by this method of payment will be borne by the client. c)The remaining amount is due before starting the stay. Either by a cash payment to the contact person or through bank transfer or credit card. If the payment is not made in cash the due amount has to be in Athome S.L. bank account minimum 24 hours before starting the stay.

3.Safety with payment online Athome S.L. commits to protect to the maximum the clients data. For this reason one of the most recognized software (SSL) in the market is used. Athome SL cannot see at any time the credit card number you introduce in the form. The bank only has access to this information. The payment system is much safer than the one you are used to (payment in restaurants or shops where the credit card is hended over to a person who comes back later with your card).

4.Cancellation: In case the client cancels the reservation after the pre-payment Athome S.L. applies the following rules: (Any cancellation will be accepted only if notified in writing) Athome S.L. returns 100% of the prepayment if informed 60 days before starting the stay – Athome S.L. returns 50% of the prepayment if informed between 15 and 60 days before starting the stay – Athome S.L. returns 0% of the prepayment if informed 15 days or less, before starting the stay – Change of dates: In case the client has to modify the period initially booked, Athome SL commits itself to finding a satisfactory solution, if possible. Should the change not be possible, the cancellation rules will be effective. In case Athome SL has to cancel a booking for a specific apartment, Athome SL commits to offer an equivalent with the same features. If this is not possible, the down payment will be refunded immediately.

5. Changes made by Athome SL In the event that Athome SL has to modify the initial agreement, Athome SL commits to offer a satisfactory solution. Should this not be possible, Athome SL will return the full amount paid until the date or commits to find an equally good or better accommodation without any additional cost to the client. Herewith Athome SL’s obligations towards the customer will be fully and completly satisfied. Athome SL will not be liable for any past, present or future possible customer’s demands.

6. Safety deposit In some cases the apartment owner requires a refundable security deposit of € 150 up to € 300.- in cash for possible damages in the apartment. This deposit will be a direct issue between the apartment owner and the client. The deposit will be returned once the apartment is checked by the responsible person at the moment of checking out.

7. Arrival and departure The normal time frame for taking over the apartment is between 15:00 and 20:00. Earlier check-ins are possible provided the apartment is available. The arrival time must be communicated in advance to Athome SL in order to be able to hand over the keys. Any deviation from the above mentioned time frame has to be agreed separately. Arrivals after 21.00 will be surcharged with 30.-€, after 24.00 the surcharge is 50 Euros. Upon arrival a copy or original of the passport or identity card of the person who made the reservation must be shown. Departure: the apartments have to be left reasonably clean (no garbage and personal stuff) before 12 noon. For check-out before 8 a.m. there is a surcharge of 30 Euros. Any delay will be charged as follows: between 1 and 2 hours: 30.-€; between 2 and 4 hours: 50% of the daily total paid tariff; more than 4 hours: 100% of the daily total paid tariff . An extension of stay will be accepted if notified at least 24 hours before the leaving date (subject to apartment availability).

8. Cleaning All apartments are cleaned before any client arrival or every 7 days for stays longer than 1 week. It includes change of bedlinen and towels and full cleaning of the apartment. Should the client wish an additional cleaning the cost is 36.-€.

9. Complaints Any complaints have to be communicated immediately to Athome SL in order to find a solution for the problem. Should the problem clearly be caused by Athome SL, Athome SL commits itself to find a satisfactory solution for the client. Should this not be possible, Athome SL commits to find an equally good or better accommodation without any additional cost for the client .

10. House Rules The client commits to respect the house rules and especially respect the rest hours. In no case is it allowed to use the apartments for celebrating parties. Should the house rules not be followed, Athome SL has the right to expel the client without any compensation.

11. Animals Animals are not allowed, with the exception of a written authorization of Athome SL.

12. Current costs All normal running costs of the apartment are included in the apartment rental (gas, light, water, TV electricity,…)

13. Responsibility Athome SL cannot be hold responsible for any and all damages to the client inside and outside the apartment. (damages, injuries, lost through fire and/or theft, ….). Furthermore Athome SL cannot be hold responsible for the content of the web page neither for its possible mistakes.

14. Area of Jurisdiction The area of jurisdiction is Barcelona.

House Rules

Keep in mind that it is not a holiday resort, but a residential area where neighbours follow normal working hours. As a client, you are expected to respect the house rules that pertain to the apartment and the community it belongs to. The apartment may not be used as a party space but that of an accommodation for sleeping, eating, relaxing, etc. Please look at the house rules thoroughly in order to avoid any problems. Our main objective is that you as a client have a good experience in Barcelona. In case of violation of the house roules we take the right to expel the guests without any compensation.

Keep in mind that it is not a holiday resort, but a residential area where neighbours follow normal working hours.Please respect our neighbours during their rest time. This applies to the whole building (stairs, entrance, apartment and roof). Parties and loud music or TV are not allowed. Quiet hours: Monday – Friday 22.00 to 9.00 Saturday – Sunday 24.00 to 10.00

Please treat carefully all equipment and furniture in the apartment. Any missing or broken piece after your check out will directly be charged to your credit card.

Please turn off the air-conditioning and lights when you leave the apartment. We want to contribute to conserve energy.

Please do not leave the garbage in the apartment when you check out. You can leave it on the street every night between 20.00 – 22.00 pm, and it will be collected by sanitation personnel.